About Scholr.ly


Corbin Pon



Corbin Pon is an entrepreneur and an all around geek about all things technology and society. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Corbin's previous experiences range from working in Washington D.C. as a software developer to being part of a research team at Georgia Tech, building storytelling tools for post-civil war Liberia. A homer for his New England Patriots and fascinated about the injection of technology into everyday societies, Corbin is always excited when new ideas and products are born from the mingling of his many interests.

Matt Luongo



Matt Luongo is a developer in Atlanta with a computer science degree from Georgia Tech. He spent his time in school focused on artificial intelligence, networking, and software engineering, and developed a keen appreciation for good coffee. After graduation, he worked with a small consulting & recruiting firm before leaving to co-found Scholrly. As a developer, he strives for elegant solutions to messy problems. As an entrepreneur, he strives for novel solutions to problems we take for granted.

Michael Gluzman



Michael Gluzman is a freelance designer and filmmaker. A graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Architecture, Michael is always interested in the potential for cross-pollination between disciplines. He has worked in multiple capacities with some of the most notable design and branding firms in Atlanta, talented and ambitious indie filmmakers, and brilliant technology fiends.

Brandon Carpenter

Frontend Developer


Brandon Carpenter is a software developer living in the Atlanta area. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has worked at Amazon.com and has been with Bottlecap Development, Inc. since its inception. Brandon enjoys tackling creative and innovative ideas, helping to brainstorm and implement the team's ideas for making the research experience more delightful and enjoyable.

Brian Regienczuk



Brian Regienczuk is a user experience, design and innovation expert. Over the past 14 years, he has worked with some of the biggest brands including Coca-Cola, Cisco, General Motors, The Home Depot, Minute Maid and Philips.

Brian is the founder of Experience Rethink, where he helps companies create products and services that are easy to use, understand and remember. Brian lends his critical eye to the development of Scholrly's design and user interaction, while also helping to craft the business and marketing strategy.